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Biz Buds

May 27, 2020

Once you find your “Product Market Fit” your business will explode. Until then, keep tweaking the dials. In this episode, Mike and Tom discuss ways to help you understand the customer you are serving and ideate ways to improve your offering.

May 20, 2020

Tom and Mike dig into one of creative entrepreneurs biggest challenges, perfectionism. In this episode, learn some actionable tips to help you find the balance between “done” and “perfect.”

May 13, 2020

Combined, Mike and Tom have hired hundreds of employees in their businesses. In this conversation they explore best tips to help you nail your next interview. (These tips can easily be converted to client meetings, as well.)

May 6, 2020

Mike and Tom answer the question everyone has asked at some point in their entrepreneurial journey, “How do I find my first customer?”